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In a line, Wild Training helps people maximise power, endurance and control across the full range of natural movement.

That doesn't mean maximise like, super elite, be the best at everything.

Wild Training is about maximising your time and delivering results. Maximising fun. Giving you a life you can live to the max.

Doesn’t sound like a normal gym right. It’s not. It’s almost unimaginable so you're going to have to come and see it for yourself.

In reality our services include:

  • Strength training - Functional movement, Free weights, Olympic lifting, and Strongman

  • Body weight fitness - Aerial Silks, Pole, Olympic rings, Bar Calisthenics, Capoeria, Yoga

  • Lifestyle sport - Play, Run, Climb, Ride, Water, Fight, Dance

  • Food - Nutrition coaching and supplement advice

If you want a more detailed answer to what Wild Training is click here

It's a unique approach that enables us to help everyone from 2 year old kids, 80 years olds and pro athletes. You will never get bored, you will never see results plateau and our promise is we will make you love becoming the best version of you.

You can attend classes with our super charged, expert trainers, do personal training even if you’re not a member of the gym, or just rock up and use the gym as an open space in any way you want.

What’s Wild Training? Hear from Wild Training founder, James Griffiths

Wild Training started in 2010. If you want to read about the story so far, the adventures, and the innovation then read about it here:

A 10 year story of passion.

Get the Wild X fitness app

The Wild X app is the very best of what Wild Training can deliver online. Video workouts, nutrition guides and mindset coaching. More variety than any other fitness app.

You can access everything free of charge on a 7 day trail now.

Read more about the Wild X fitness app and register for access by CLICKING HERE

Steve Backshall, TV Presenter and Adventurer

“If you want to make first ascents of Himalayan Mountains, or first descents of whitewater Rivers – how much you can bench press is totally irrelevant; you need practical, focused training. Wild Training is exactly tailored to your needs, punishing, innovative and best of all, fun. For me, it’s the perfect physical training regime.”



A big part of the Wild Training brand reputation has been built on our classes. There is something for everyone, at every level and everyone that attends will see progression while they have a whole lot of fun. 

Meet the team. The trainers that deliver our workouts. Click here

Not all exercise classes are equal, and one focus of Wild Training has been to make our group exercise sessions look more like personal training.

Structured workouts that we do new programming for every month, which keeps our training fun and challenging for our members so they never get bored.

We have the most diverse group exercise timetable in the country. Big statement - but we haven’t found a gym with as much variety in one place.

How gyms fail people, and why Wild Training won’t fail you.

Martial Arts

At the Wild Training Gym

After getting voted the best gym in the UK, we decided it was time to add a full time professional martial arts centre to the Wild Training facilities. Complete with a 20 foot competition MMA cage, 200 square meters of Tatami pro legacy competition matting and 12 meter boxing bag station. All the walls are matted so we have an unbeatable amount of usable space with high ceilings and great ventilation. The Coaches are all lifetime martial artists and have a wealth of experience in teaching and competing that all our members, from beginners to competitive athletes love the positive, inclusive and progressive atmosphere we’ve created.


Current martial arts class timetable

All martial arts memberships include 6 classes per week and are based on a one month rolling agreements. There is no joining fee or minimum contract length but we do ask for 4 weeks notice to cancel by email to

Our memberships

  • Martial Arts Membership - £88 per month (Blue Light Card discount available for emergency services)

  • Couples martial arts membership - £146 per month

  • Family martial arts membership - £279 per month (Family of 4)

  • Kids (aged 13 and under) - £43 per month / Click here for more info

Bolt ons

  • £20 extra per person per month for unlimited classes

Pay as you go

  • Kids drop in - £8

  • Adult drop in - £14

Click here to find out about our other gym memberships

Meet our coaches

Phil Else - Head Coach (BJJ, MMA)

Phil Else - Head Coach (BJJ, MMA)

Suzie Buckley - Kick Boxing

Matt Vladar - Muay Thai Coach

Matt Vladar - Muay Thai Coach

Kurt Hicks - Strength and Conditioning Coach

Kurt Hicks - Strength and Conditioning Coach


Personal Training


Personal training should be just that, personal! Every person that takes up Wild personal training will receive detailed planning and support from day one. Like everything Wild Training does, we have re written what personal training is, and transformed what our clients get from training with our coaches.

Wild training is all about using equipment, exercises and training protocols that really work. Training that achieves your goals efficiently and improves your movement, posture and core strength at the same time. Our top goal is for you to achieve the best possible results whilst improving your knowledge of health and fitness at the best possible price!

When people ask about personal training they often say they want to lose weight, tone up, build some muscle or get stronger. What they never ask for is a life changing experience that will transform how they look at exercise forever. From gym hater to pro athlete. Our personal training has helped so many people find a new spark for exercise that they never thought we would find.

Love the exercise you do. Then choosing to be consistent with your training is easy.… then the results are guaranteed. Long term, It doesn’t work in any other order.

Wild Intensive personal training programs

The Wild Training team work tirelessly to develop our skills and produce training systems that are unbeatable for specific goals. Below are our specialist personal training systems that we have developed to be the best at what they do. Click on them to learn more about each system and read full case studies about what Wild personal training has done for real people. 

The Wild Life Changer


Change your life forever with Wild Training. This is what Adam did to lose 8 stone in 3 months. Click here and read about the people that did just that with the Wild Life changer package.




Become a Wild Training Gym member

Nothing is more important to us than the experience our members get. We carefully monitor our active member numbers so the gym never gets over crowded and our exercise classes always have space for members to book. The Wild Training Gym always feels fun, openly spaced and safe. If you would like to join the Wild Training Gym please fill in the form below and we will contact you about joining.


Meet the trainers. The team that deliver all of our workouts. Click here

Wild Training Gym Membership

Our gym is designed so we can serve our members better. We don’t ask for a joining fee or demand a minimum term to the membership. We know Wild Training works for our members so we offer our gym membership on a monthly basis. You can cancel anytime.

Listen to these Wild Training members about their experience of our gym.

  • Are you worried about joining a new gym?

  • Do you lack confidence with your exercise?

  • Feel like you want direction with your fitness?

    Then you need to join the Wild Training Gym

    A gym membership should mean more than just access to some equipment. The Wild Training Gym is all about empowering our members. We actually teach people fun ways to achieve their goals, because exercise should be fun. Just being effective isn't enough. Being a part of a positive community. A confidence inspiring atmosphere. With support from our entire Wild Training team. We want every member to learn how to benefit from what is on offer at the Wild Training Gym. That's why our staff and coaches work so hard to help every individual at Wild Training enjoy exercising whether they do our classes, take up personal training, or just want to use our space for their own workouts. At Wild Training their really are no limitations in what you can achieve.

    Your previous experience or current fitness levels will never be a reason not to try all the different styles of exercise we deliver. Trust us with your health and fitness and we will show you a new way to love exercise, love your body and love your life. Today you can transform your lifestyle forever. Don't wait!

Membership price

All memberships include 3 classes per week and are based on a one month rolling agreements. There is no joining fee or minimum contract length but we do ask for 4 weeks notice to cancel by email to

Our memberships

  • STANDARD - £78 per month (Blue Light Card discount available for emergency services)

  • COUPLES - £126 per month

  • FAMILY - £239 per month (Family of 4)

  • KIDS (aged 15 and under) - £43 per month / Click here for more info

  • TEENS/STUDENTS - (aged 16 - 18 years) £58 per month
    (Proof of age is required for this membership - passport, copy of birth certificate, student card with DOB)

  • LIFE CHANGER - £299 per month (Standard membership including martial arts classes and 4 personal training sessions per month) / Click here for more info

  • No Classes - £58 per month (This membership only gives members access to our gym facility and equipment, but does not include any classes)

Bolt ons

  • £10 extra per person per month for Martial Arts centre classes

  • £20 extra per person per month for unlimited classes

Pay as you go

  • Kids drop in - £8

  • Adult drop in - £14

Founder of Wild Training talking about why gyms fail People

Come and experience a different gym. Train at our facility and have freedom, space and equipment to do the training you want to do. Throw down a workout on your own or with friends, join one of our Wild Training classes or see what you can achieve with the Wild Personal Trainers. What ever you do, you will have fun getting great results. 


Meet the Wild Training team

Wild affiliate programme

resized affiliate pic.jpg

Join The Team

The Wild Affiliate programme is about bringing together passionate trainers and giving them a platform to work from in a collaborative way, to achieve more as a group than any individual could.

Our Wild Training Affiliate Programme allows those who we think would be the best Wild Training ambassadors share the joy of exercise wherever they are.

What you get as a Wild Affiliate

  • The ability to build a passive income.

  • You will be provided with links to help sell our products. Giving you 20% of all purchases you refer to Wild Online Workouts.

    (20% from the lifetime subscription).

  • Free access to Wild X - this is our entire on demand workouts and plans which is constantly evolving.

  • Half price Urban Strength Bar

  • This level is free to you.

What you agree to as a Wild Affiliate

  • Social Media posts - 1 post per week on Instagram/Facebook and other social media platforms tagging us and using relevant hashtags.

  • Contribute to co-filming online content once per year. This could be used for our Wild X app or another workout used as an extension to our online training resources.

Adding a dash of Wild to traditional ambassador roles, the Wild Training Affiliate Programme gives people the option of enrolling in Wild EVO - this is our licensed instructor training course for fitness professionals who are looking to further their business with the support of Wild Training. Complete with business strategy, online service structure and a comprehensive marketing manual giving Wild EVO students the very best start to their business.

To enquire about becoming a Wild Affiliate, please complete our online application form.

Contact Us

February 2022 Offers:

Join now and get a nutrition planning session included when you sign up.

Fill the form out to get the deal

  • No minimum term contract

  • No Joining fee

  • Most diverse facility and class timetable in the country

  • We include a consultation to show you the best classes for you and get you started on our Wild X Fitness App

  • Join with a friend to make it fun

So much of my life involves being active that the weight gain and restriction that came with pregnancy was absolutely terrifying! After having my son, Wild was the perfect place to rebuild my confidence and my strength and help me achieve my post-partum goals. Wild has so much equipment and so many classes throughout the day and evening, it has really helped me fit workouts around my new life at each stage of recovery. Trainers are full of advice and encouragement and always happy to offer ideas and options no matter your level. 6 months on I’m stronger, faster, and - the icing on the cake - back in my favourite jeans!
— Leyla Vladar
Ive always needed to enjoy my training in order to see results and at wild i finally found a place where i could not only learn Martial Arts but also have the best guys teaching me conditioning, making me understand how the body works in order to improve all aspects of my training even outside of martial arts. Wild has made me fall in love with my training all over again
— Mike Maroudas
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Monday - Thursday 06:00 - 21:30

Friday 06:00 - 20:00

Saturday 08:00 - 16:00

Sunday 08:00 - 16:00

T 01628 529294


Our Gym

Unit 15, Treadaway Hill
High Wycombe, HP109RS
United Kingdom